Permissions & Licensing

All content in the CAND Journal is copyrighted by the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND). In submitting their manuscripts, the authors transfer, assign, and otherwise convey all copyright ownership to the CAND. After publication, permission to reuse and repost content from the CANDJ such as figures, tables, text excerpts, abstracts, and full articles, must be granted by the CAND. The CAND retains the right to levy an appropriate fee.

To seek permission for the reuse of material, reposting of articles, and article reprint licensing, please contact

Prior to sending a request for figures or tables, please be sure that it is not credited to another source. CAND can only authorize permission for material for which it holds the copyright.

Author Reuse

Authors are granted specific rights for a large number of uses, which are granted and permitted without the need to obtain specific permission from the copyright holder, the CAND. Authors should check the Copyright Transfer Agreement they signed with the CAND to find further information about the reuse of their content.

If an author is in doubt about whether their intended re-use is covered, please contact for confirmation.